Who I Am & What I Do

I am a neofuturist entrepreneur, renaissance thinker, and narrative architect with a performing arts background, a lifetime passion for storytelling, and an academic interest in transdisciplinary studies at the intersection of philosophy, technology, and creativity.

I write about conscious commerce, epigenetic theory, cognitive neuroscience, narrative analysis, simulated & augmented reality, human potential & evolution, strategic foresight, holistic wellness, and deliberate wandering, among other integrative topics in the realm of communication and representation. For as long as I can remember, I have had an enduring fondness for travelogues and speculative literature, particularly narratives that recount inner and outer journeys in tandem, employing metaphor and allegory as conceptual and contextual catalysts. I also have an exponentially growing passion for leading a mindful existence.

A fifth-generation native of rural Iowa cultivating a portable lifestyle, my home is wherever I hang my satchel. I mailed my heart to California when I was a toddler, though it took the rest of my body nearly two decades to catch up. Since leaving my home town planted in the middle of a cornfield, I have traveled in 13 countries and 28 states. I have lived in five states plus France, with some detours back to Iowa sprinkled into the mix. I am currently based in Pasadena, California, where I have lived for the past six years with my partner, an internationally recognized Geophysicist & Seismologist working with the USGS Earthquake Hazards Research Team at the California Institute of Technology.

I manually hand-coded and uploaded my first personal website in 1996 and have been doing website development, creative copywriting, digital photography, graphic design, and multimedia consulting for 20 years. I am fluent in HTML, CSS, XML, Javascript, and Markdown. Plus, I have previous experience in PHP/SQL, and I am now learning Swift. I am also an editor and proofreader, and I spent several years as a freelance language tutor.

I got my first official job when I was 14 years old, working with seniors in my hometown nursing home, and two years later, I moved on to work in a string of different industries while completing my academic education. I began my professional career in the fledgling mobile telecommunications industry in the late 90s, where I gained experience and expertise with multiple cellular and satellite providers. Beyond that, I have been entrepreneurial in some capacity since early childhood.

While my academic background lies largely in humanities and languages, I am an autodidact and polymath, and I learned how to write code, among other technical/aesthetic skills, using an arguably haphazard combination of bookstores, libraries, and various online resources.

I have a Social Sciences BA in International Affairs & French with an emphasis in Global Business and a self-designed Interdisciplinary MA in English-Rhetoric-Communication and Multimedia-Design-Photography. I read and write in both English and French. Among a veritable laundry list of goals on my bucket list, I would also like to learn Chinese for both personal and business applications.

My current research interests lie at the burgeoning multidisciplinary interface of Behavioral & Social Neuroscience & Psychology; Information, Computation, & Neural Systems; and the History & Philosophy of Science & Technology.

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